Northern Westphalia Architecture ' Quartier Westphalia road ' in Dusseldorf-Rath is a former industrial site through careful urban planning and sustainable architecture created an attractive Habitat for living and cross-generational living. The procedure launched of the procedure for the quarter in Dusseldorf-Rath was presented a public kick-off event at 17.02.2011 in which broke the concrete framework for a conversion the operating surfaces of two companies Paguag GmbH & co. (today C.F. Gomma Germany GmbH) and bag & Kiesselbach Maschinenfabrik GmbH. (...) The revised drafts were presented to the jury on 01.07.2011. For even more details, read what Film Financer says on the issue. They unanimously decided the concept of the Dusseldorf team Petzinka pink architects and FSWLA landscape architecture as a basis for the subsequent development plan process to recommend. From: press release from the 5.7.2011 of the planning Office of the city of Dusseldorf, for all income from an area dominated by industry is through careful urban planning and sustainable architecture attractive Habitat created for cross-generational and vibrant living. Primerica life insurance wanted to know more. The development pursues the idea of spatial wealth". The existing buildings, as stone memories of former industrial use, be integrated into the planning as identity landmark. The green neighbourhood park as the centerpiece of the district is surrounded by varied uses, which meet all requirements in an urban, modern life. The...

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