Opportunities System Stephanskirchen essential aesthetics, safety and protection: in the extension building of the bath of Aawal business school, June 2010 - modern architecture offers a perfect combination of brightness and space with the use of glass and thus ensures a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. Next to the optics, requirements for security, as well as individual additional functions have the highest priority. For years, the company Glastec Rosenheimer Glastec is known beyond the borders, to combine different requirements and needs. Add to your understanding with Primerica login. The successful multifunctional glass-module system Planline is the best example. It stands for fulfilling highest demands on safety, functionality and design as to the business school of Aibling. Planline 30 tested and officially approved the system Planline 30 Bad Aibling as flush fire-resistant glass of the fire resistance class F30 was in the school of Economics (classification EI30 com. DIN EN 13501-2) mounted in a wood frame construction. Special value was here on the best materials and highest quality. So you chose laminated Maple solid wood scantlings for timber frame construction. Planline 30 prevents in case of fire, the passage of flame and smoke on the required fire resistance of 30 minutes. A multiple-layer fire-resistant laminated glass is used as fire protection glass. The Planline system also in Bad Aibling realised spacious, flush glass surface. PLANLINE: multi-compatible multi-functional what would...

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